13-year-old cannibal attacks his mom to eat her liver

Bizarre news coming out of Washington state after a 14 and 13-year-old boy were arrested for attacking the youngest one's mother with a sword. The older teen told police that his friend, the victim's son, prodded him to kill her while they were under the influence of drugs.

The incident occurred early Tuesday when police received a call that a woman had been attacked and was found with two bloody knives next to her on her bed. She is currently in stable condition, but what makes this story even more horrifying is what they planned on doing afterwards…


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Spokane Valley police say the teens took an SUV belonging to the 13-year-old's father after the attack. The dad later realized his keys were missing, but by then the two teens had gone on a crime rampage: They crashed the car into a mobile home, but prior to that had broken into a house nearby. The teens were found by police dogs, and the story they told will leave you dumbfounded.

According to the younger boy, they had taken "blue pills," presumed to be drugs, and  decided kill the younger teen's mother. The most bizarre detail? The woman's son said that his friend then tried to get him to eat his mother's liver. Um, what?!

The younger teen claims the drugs made him behave the way he did and that he would never act like this sober. He and his friend are facing a charge of second degree assault, taking a vehicle without permission, burglary, hit and run, and second degree malicious Mischief.

It's so INSANE to me that these kids even committed such an awful crime. With all the drugs being promoted by pop culture nowadays, I'm not surprised that drug users are becoming younger and younger. For goodness sake, these are children attempting to kill a person while under the influence of these substances. They deserve what they had coming to them and I hope this teaches parents to be more vigilant about who they let their children keep in good company.  

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