Disgusting couple had sex with dogs & then posted videos online

This story proves how low a human being can fall when he tries to feed his basest, most depraved passions. Ruben Fox, a soldier, and his wife Amber, both 23 years old, were arrested on Monday in Raeford, a city just south of Fort Bragg military base in North Carolina. The couple faces various charges of bestiality, animal abuse, conspiracy, and dissemination of obscene materials. Amber is also being accused of committing crimes against nature. Their troubles with the law all stem from some horrible acts they engaged in recently--and you really will be speechless after you read everything they did...


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According to police, the sexual encounters were recorded at the couple's home and posted online to a web page. Last Friday, police searched the home and found several videos, CDs, as well as two mixed-breed doggies and three cats, which were all put in the care of a shelter. Police arrested the couple after finding online videos of the couple engaging in explicit sexual acts with the animals.

According to Amber's Facebook page, she worked as a lab technician for the U.S. Army before marrying Ruben in 2011. They're being held on $15,000 bail. The Facebook page also reveals some cryptic messages asking her friends for prayers and talking about their "oppressors ... seeing the truth." Whatever that means, we don't know, but one of the responses pretty much sums it up: "I like you Amber but I cannot and will not pray for stupidity! Sorry!"

It's truly disgusting what this couple was capable of doing with their pets in their own house. We have to love and respect our animals, not sexually abuse them or mistreat them! These two are a disgusting couple of perverts, and they deserve what's coming to them from the law! I'm left wondering how two seemingly successful people with a career and a stable relationship end up in jail because they couldn't stop their base urges and correct their lives... It's truly sad.

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