This abuela has the longest fingernails in the world & it's totally gross!

I'm looking at pictures of this woman with the world's longest fingernails and I'm having a very hard time not barfing.

Chris Walton is a 47-year-old abuela who hasn't cut her fingernails in nearly two decades. In fact, she claims the last time she clipped them was back in 1993. These nasty looking things reach more than 20 feet and twist and turn as much as a roller coaster. Walton's nails were celebrated at the Guinness Book of Records 2014 launch and given the title for world's longest fingernails. Sorry, but  I don't see anything to celebrate here. This is just gross!


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The grandmother is also a singer, known by her stage name The Dutchess in Nevada and California. But with nails like that who the hell is paying attention to her voice? Those things twist and turn so much I don't know how that woman manages to even wipe her butt. But she SWEARS her nails haven't come in the way of her everyday tasks. She supposedly cooks, cleans, uses the computer, and even plays the piano just fine. Right …

Her crazy long nails were officially recognized by the 2012 edition of the Guinness Records Book. "I didn't grow my nails deliberately," Walton said. "I just stopped getting manicures and started taking care of my nails myself. Instead of clipping them back, I'd fill them in as they grew. I kept living and they kept growing."

If you were wondering how in the world Walton has been able to prevent these nails from breaking, it's because she's put a crap load of acrylic on them--go figure. She claims the only time she ever broke a nail was while she was fixing her car engine on the freeway. That's insane.

Let's be real here, there's absolutely nothing cute about these nails. They're the nastiest things I've ever laid my eyes on. Just looking at them is making me cringe. I don't get the appeal and I really don't see how you can live a normal with those claws. How does this not freak out her grandchildren?

If I had to give Walton any advice I'd say, you already managed to break a world record, so now lose the nails and pull yourself together! It's way too much time and effort and in the end it just looks disgusting!

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