California HS football stars charged in sexual assault of 6 underage girls

Two southern California high school football stars are facing charges in a sexual assault investigation involving six underage girls.

The two 17-year-old students, Kishawn Holmes and Bryan Holt Jr., were arrested Thursday and made their first appearances in court this week. According to prosecutors, Holmes is accused of raping two different girls through the use of force or fear and performing lewd acts on a third victim under the age of 14. Meanwhile, Holt was also charged with sex-related crimes in connection with the investigation.  

Ugh, it's appalling to think that such young kids are capable of such heinous crimes, as we've seen with other similar cases, it's sadly true--and even common--these days.


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Legal officials revealed that in addition to Holmes' other charges, the teen is also facing additional counts for false imprisonment involving three other girls and for trying to dissuade one of his alleged rape victims from speaking to authorities. So sickening!

As for Holt, not much is known about his charges as the specific details of his case remain sealed. But his mom and lawyer allegedly told media he also faces charges for having sexual relations with a minor under 14. However, both Holt's attorney and his parents maintain that the interaction was consensual.

Though an exact timeline wasn't given, authorities said some of the criminal behavior took place last year and that the most recent incident was just last month.

It's sad to think that two promising athletes who seemed to have such bright futures could now end up in jail. But unfortunately, sometimes it's those kids--the ones who are given so many passes in school and other aspects of their life because of their talent--think that they can also get away with these kinds of disgusting actions. I just hope justice is served and that both of these teens learn get the punishment they deserve so they can truly learn their lesson.


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