Toothless man bites his neighbor's penis off, but we're not sure how

An English man had his penis bitten off by his neighbor after a tiff over noise volume. The fight broke out between accused gnawer, 41-year-old Jason Martin and 39-year-old Richard Henderson when the victim asked him to lower his music volume. However, push came to bite when Henderson called out Martin's drug habit and that's when things got physical.

At some point during their fight, Martin managed to get near Henderson's privates and you guessed it, bit off his penis. The catch is, the accused biter has a defect that would make it IMPOSSIBLE for him to do such a thing. Care to guess what it is?


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The shocking revelation of this story is that Martin is TOOTHLESS! This is the man's defense after denying having bitten off Henderson's penis. "I have only got a couple of teeth in the lower part of my mouth ... I can't even bite into a hard-boiled egg!", he told the jury at Canterbury Crown Court. However, cops found him with blood around his mouth which he says came from a punch that caused a bloody lip.

Henderson told the court that Martin had bitten down on his penis "like a sandwich" and that it was the worst pain he'd ever experienced in his life. It didn't work in Martin's favor that he wears dentures and admitted that he grabbed Henderson testicles and penis. He says he didn't know until after the fact that he had reached for his privates and bit whatever area he could reach in self-defense.

Luckily, Henderson was able to have his member reattached by doctors, but it doesn't change the fact that a normal dispute with a neighbor turned this bloody. Eeek!

The next time you have a friendly neighbor complaint, it may be best to tread lightly. You might end up leaving their place without an important body part if you cross the wrong guy. Both men responded immaturely to their issue at hand and should take some responsibility. I feel bad that Henderson lost his penis in the process, but it just comes to show you, don't underestimate a toothless person. They can clearly do A LOT of damage.

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