Ayvani Hope Perez: Kidnappers demanding $10,000 ransom for Latina teen's release

After an Amber Alert was released for 14-year-old Ayvani Hope Perez in Georgia, the two unidentified suspects who have her are asking for a ransom of $10,000. The men broke into her home, shot her dog, and snatched the teen when her mother had nothing of value to offer them.

Police say these men are armed and dangerous and have even involved the FBI and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. This story is getting worse and worse!


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Family, friends, and neighbors concerned about the teen's safety last set up a Facebook page titled "Please bring home Ayvani Hope Perez HOME SAFE." The family was new to the suburban Georgia neighborhood and had just bought a house in the quiet area. So far police say the Perez family had no connections to the intruders who took Ayvani.

The little information there is on the suspects is that they were black males wearing dark clothing and driving a gray Dodge. The men have asked for cash in exchange for the girl's safe return according to family and law enforcement officials. It is unknown if police are going to fulfill their request but for now continue investigating for leads towards the kidnappers.

Classmates of the teen held a prayer and candlelight vigil at the steps of Dutchtown High School in hopes that Ayvani is returned quickly and safely. Friends claim that the family shouldn't have been targeted because they didn't have money and bought the house with what little they had. How utterly depressing!

It breaks my heart to know that this girl is out there in the hands of these dangerous men so far away from home. She must be living in fear for her life right now and desperate for help. If you see Ayvani or have any tips, please call police at:  678-610-4781.

Update: Channel 2 Action News has reported that Ayvabi has been found safe and sound. We're glad to hear that she is FINALLY in good hands after going through that scary ordeal. We will keep you updated as the story develops.

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