Little boy's mummified remains found after evil mom starved him to death

The mummified corpse of a 4-year-old boy was found in a cot in his mother's bedroom almost two years after his death in West Yorkshire, England.

Hamzah Khan apparently starved to death and was discovered still dressed in a onesie that would fit a six or nine month old baby. His mother Amanda Hutton has been on trial for her son's manslaughter. What's up with parents these days and neglecting their kids? It's so freaking upsetting!


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Police community support officer Jodie Worsley noticed a strange odor coming from Hutton's house. She then called back a team of other officers to begin searching the property and it was in Hutton's bedroom where the tragic discovery was made. The boy's body was found mummified wearing a teddy and in a cot in his mother's bedroom. It was so gruesome apparently it "disturbed even hardened" police officers. She had kept her son's body in this cot for two years!

According to prosecutor Paul Greaney, the mother had failed to feed her son properly. "Hamzah's growth had been stunted," he said. "It had been stunted because he was malnourished over a lengthy period and that state of affairs resulted in his death. In short, he starved to death."

Now what kind of insane mother would just stop feeding her kid? Well according to police, Hutton had abused alcohol and marijuana and the jury has been trying to consider whether or not the child "became a secondary and less important consideration than those addictions."

Hutton claims that her son was feeling sick on December 14, 2009. She says that the next day she went to a supermarket to speak with a pharmacist about his condition but received a phone call to go back home. Supposedly when she returned Hamzah was dying. She says she tried to revive him but nothing worked. But here's where things get fishy. Instead of calling police or an ambulance, she placed her dead son into a cot and hours later ordered a pizza. Can you believe that crap? So she couldn't make a call to police, but had no problems ordering a pizza?

It's inconceivable to me that someone would put their own child in danger like this. This woman clearly has some mental issues and she should have tried to get help. Instead she totally neglected her child and as a result this little boy is now dead. Shame on her!

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