Pedophile who plotted to torture & eat kids goes to jail, but he should get much worse

You may remember the disgusting story of a British man who confessed to having plans to rape, murder and eat children in a dungeon he had built in his home in Massachusetts back in May. Well, Geoffrey Portway has just been sentenced to 26 years in prison, but considering what this sick 40-year-old had plotted, that doesn't seem like enough of  a punishment. 


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And I say that because he'll be in his late sixties when he get gets out (if he doesn't get out earlier, like many of these criminals seem to), which means he'll still have plenty of time to come up with other disturbing plots like this one. I'm sorry but I just don't think people like Portway has a chance at rehabilitation. Once you're that twisted, I don't see how you can go back to being normal. 

Let's not forget for minute what police found in the soundproofed dungeon in his basement: a steel cage, a homemade child-size coffin, freezers and castration tools, among other stuff whose sole purpose was to torture. All these things in conjunction with his online conversations and exchanges of child pornography with others just as sick as him, make Portway nothing but a monster in my book.

It's hard to think that people like him really exist because it's better to believe that such evil only exists in horror movies or books. But to me, Portway is just another Ariel Castro, except he didn't get his chance to put his plan in motion. Thank God! And to prevent another atrocity like that of the late Cleveland kidnapper, Portway should just live the rest of his days behind bars.

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