Amber Alert: Ayvani Hope Perez is in EXTREME danger, please help!

An Amber Alert has been issued for a 14-year-old missing Georgia girl who is being desperately searched for by police after two gunmen broke into her home and kidnapped her. The incident occurred at 2 a.m. Tuesday morning when the men broke in demanding money and jewelry from Ayvani Hope Perez's mother.

When they weren't provided with either, they grabbed the teen and sped off in a grey truck. Police are pleading with the public to help them locate the missing girl.


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Clayton County police officer Phong Nguyen told TV station WXIA that the mother had tried hiding Ayvani and her 15-year-old brother from the men when they first broke in. They shot the family dog during the invasion, and he is currently being treated at a vet nearby.

When the mother told them she had nothing of value, the intruders left with Ayvani, who was wearing nothing but a pair of grey Star Wars pajamas and a blue and grey superhero shirt. Since the kidnapping, police have been searching and stopping cars in the area in hopes of finding the teen girl.      

Authorities warn that the men who took her are armed and extremely dangerous and fear for girl's safety. I hope police are able to catch these dangerous men before it's too late. I can't imagine the scare Ayvani's mother and the teen are going through right now. My thoughts are with the Perez family during this difficult time.

Hours after Ayvani went missing, friends and family set up a Facebook page titled, "Please BRING Ayvani Hope Perez HOME SAFE" in hopes of getting help via social media. If you know of anything or see Ayvani please call 911 or Clayton County Police station at 678-610-4781.

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