Navy Yard shooting: Victims of horrific shooting spree identified

After Washington D.C.'s horrific Navy Yard shooting, eight of the 12 victims have been identified. The rampage which took place Monday morning was led by 34-year-old Aaron Alexis, a former naval reservist and civilian contractor at the Navy Yard. He used an assault rifle, a shotgun, and a handgun to shoot up the place before he was killed by police at the scene.

As we await the remainder of the victims' names to be released, there are many families mourning the untimely deaths of their loved ones.


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Of the victims identified so far are: 59-year-old Michael Arnold, 53-year-old Sylvia Frasier, 62-year-old Kathy Gaarde, 73-year-old John Roger Johnson, 50-year-old Frank Kohler, 46-year-old Bernard Proctor, 61-year-old Vishnu Pandit, and 51-year-old Arthur Daniels.  

Aside from those who died, 14 people were injured in the shooting, including a police officer who was shot in both legs.The victims were all either contractors, civilians, but not military personnel. Vigils were held for them Monday evening at the Freedom Plaza as family and friends prayed for their loved ones lost. Originally it was believed that Alexis was working with two other men during the attack, but police later confirmed that he was a lone gunman.

The reason is still unclear as to why Alexis did this, and those who knew him were shocked because he is a practicing Buddhist. However one friend stated how the man was "frustrated with the U.S. government" and wasn't treated well as a veteran.

I'm again beyond shocked that an attack like this was carried out by someone working for our government. If a Naval base isn't safe from its own members, what are the chances that we are too? My thoughts go out to the victims' families and loved ones as this heartbreaking investigation continues.

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