Psycho drugs girlfriend & then brands his initials on her vagina!

In some of the most bizarre news I've heard lately, an Arizona man was arrested last week after police say he branded his initials on his girlfriend's vaginal area. Yes, you are reading that right and yes, sadly, this DID really happen.

According to KSAZ, 49-year-old Christopher Jackson used a branding tool and a butane torch to burn the intials "CJ" onto his girlfriend while she was passed out. There are so many things wrong with that picture, I don't even know where to start.


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Authorities reveal the incident happened in May, but the victim was too scared to come forward until recently. It apparently all started when Jackson asked his girlfriend to go out dancing after a baseball game. When she said she was too tired, Jackson reportedly offered her pills to help her stay awake, but she ended up falling asleep anyway. She now believes she was purposely drugged.

When the victim woke up, she was--obviously--in severe pain, but Jackson showed no remorse. In fact, his girlfriend told police that he even "bragged" to her that he'd done the same thing to other women in the past and that he wanted to do the same thing to her because "her vagina was his." Umm ... excuse my language, but seriously WTF?!

What a complete and total psycho! You have to have a seriously demented mind to ever think this is remotely OK. I mean, even if you put aside the fact that this idiot  thinks of women as ownable property (which is gross and sexist in itself), who in the hell torches their initials on another person's body--an extremely sensitive part, at that. It's so disgusting! And I don't even want to begin to think about the pain that poor woman went through. Plus, the fact that he drugged her to do this ... I mean, what is wrong with people these days?!

Thankfully, Jackson was charged with aggravated assault with serious physical injury and taken to jail--which is clearly exactly where he belongs.

Image via FOX 10

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