Latina teen dies after getting trapped in family car & it was all a tragic accident

A 14-year-old California girl died after getting trapped in a family car last week, police recently revealed.

Graciela Martinez was found dead inside her brother's BMW parked outside a local high school on Wednesday. According to authorities, the car appeared to have a defective locking system that prevented the teen from being able to exit the car. Such an unbelievable and tragic incident! I can't even begin to imagine how heartbroken her family must be.


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Police say Martinez's older brother drove them to school earlier in the morning. As he went off to class, she reportedly stayed in the car to wait until her own class started an hour later. At the end of the school day, her sibling came back to find his sister slumped in the backseat and drenched in sweat.

Investigators believe the girl died from heat exhaustion after getting stuck in the car, which they discovered cannot opened from the inside when locked from the outside. Police found that the car's horn also did not work without a key in the ignition and the teen reportedly no food, water, or a cellphone at the time.

What an absolutely horrifying story. My heart just breaks to think of that young girl, trapped and scared in that car. It's something straight out of a horrible nightmare. We've all heard countless stories about parents forgetting their babies in hot cars out of carelessness or forgetfulness. But to be honest, I've never stopped to consider that even some older kids might not know what to do in that situation either. At just14 years old, maybe she wasn't strong enough to break a window or didn't want to do so out of fear of getting in trouble.

It's devastating to think about, and even moreso to realize that this tragedy could've been avoided had there not been so many factors leading to such deadly circumstances. My thoughts and prayers go out to Martinez's family and loved ones.

Image via Fox News

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