Heartless mom kills her 2 kids before attempting suicide like a coward (VIDEO)

An Arizona woman is facing murder charges after allegedly killing her two young kids and leaving their bodies in a Southern California hotel room before trying to take her own life.

Police arrested 42-year-old Marilyn Edge on Saturday after she drove a car into an electrical box outside a shopping area. After the crash, authorities say the woman refused to get out of the vehicle and tried to choke herself with a belt or rope as rescuers tried to free her. Officers also found propane in the car. It wasn't until she was being taken to the hospital however, that Edge told police where they could find her children.


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Police discovered the bodies of Edge's two kids, a 13-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl, in a third-floor room at a nearby hotel. An investigation is still pending, but officers say there were no signs the children were shot or stabbed. No weapon was recovered at the scene.

Further information, including the names of the children and the motive and cause of the death, was not released. The children's father lives out of state and wasn't informed of their deaths until Sunday.

What in the world could've possibly driven this woman to commit this heinous crime? I never understand how anyone can hurt innocent kids, especially it's their own children. Clearly, this woman needs some serious mental help. Sadly, it was her kids—and their loved ones--who paid the price. I only hope justice is served and that Edge gets the sentencing she deserves. My heart goes out to the victims' family members as they face this unbelievable loss.


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