Poor toddler tries using bathroom by himself but falls into nasty poop pit below!

A 20-month-old boy recently fell into a gigantic pit of poop after attempting to use a public toilet in Yanji, North East China. ¡Pobrecito!

The poor kid was still being potty trained and apparently lost his balance while trying to squat over the Chinese loo, which is typically just a hole in the ground. You could imagine how freaked out he must have been, but apparently his mom was just as terrified!


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After tumbling into a pool of sewage, the young boy started to scream for help. The excrement was so deep that no matter how much he tried to rise his body, he still couldn't manage to keep his head above it. His horrified mother didn't seem to know what to do, so she desperately held a rake down to help the boy keep himself up. Fortunately a team of firefighters was able to quickly come to the rescue. One even had to throw on a breathing mask in order to get the kid. That's how bad it smelled!

This poor little kid was literally covered in crap from head to toe. I'm kind of a germaphobe so just thinking about this is giving me an anxiety attack. I'd flip out if this sort of thing happened to my child, never mind even having the presence of mind to throw a rake to help her son, like this awesome mom did. Kudos to her for keeping somewhat calm.

Luckily, the team of firefighters was able to get the boy out of the pit. But the mom was still hysterical and desperately trying to clean off all the poop from her son's eyes, nostrils, and mouth. The poor toddler was then washed down and rushed to the hospital. I hope he's recuperating well and the nastiness isn't going to cause any harm. I think it's fair to say this mom is going to be watching her son like a hawk next time he has to use a public bathroom! Poor little guy!

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