Restaurant offers free pizza for girls who flash their boobs & are you KIDDING ME?!

A pizza place in an Illinois college town is facing backlash after it reportedly offered free food to women who flashed their breasts to employees. Ugh, seriously?! That's just gross.

Drew's Pizza is a popular late-night stop for students from the nearby University of Illinois looking to pick up some greasy grub after hitting the neighborhood bars. Unfortunately, that's exactly why the eatery's staff members were able to pull off this disgusting concept in the first place. After all, what's more tempting to a drunk college kid than free pizza?


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The really sick part is that the employees seem to find absolutely nothing wrong with this idea. One employee even told WICD-TV that not only do Drew's employees enjoy it, but that all the other customers get to watch too. "Somebody comes in says, 'Hey I'm drunk, if I flash you, can I get a free pizza?' Yeah sure, why not? It makes everybody here happy. It makes the crowd happy," Brice Hartman said. Right, 'cause that's not creepy at all. What kind of sickos frequent this place anyway?

The pizzeria might have gotten away with their little stunt if they hadn't started taking to Twitter to ask customers for "more tits." Yes, that is actually a DIRECT QUOTE. "We've seen some great pairs tonight let's see some more," they wrote, also adding "Freepizzafortits." Wow, just when I thought this whole thing couldn't possibly get anymore offensive ...

Needless to say, the tweets were soon noticed by various blogs and local media. After hearing about it, critics began lashing out at the pizzeria online, eventually causing it to take down both its Twitter and Facebook profiles.

I honestly don't know what's worse: the fact that the pizzeria thought it was OK to do something like this or that there were so many of college kids out there willing to participate. Either way, this place was clearly taking advantage of the fact that these students were drinking and not necessarily in the best state of mind. I'm just glad that there were some people out there decent enough to call them out for their disgusting behavior.

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