Mom of toddler viciously killed in wild dog zoo attack is completely at fault in his death

Taking your kids to the zoo should be a fun learning experience, but for one mom it resulted in the death of her 2-year-old son. Jason and Elizabeth Derkosh took their son Maddox last year to the Pittsburg Zoo & PPG Aquarium when tragedy struck as their son fell into a wild African dogs exhibit. Elizabeth had propped him up above the four-foot railing to help the boy get a better look at the animals when he fell in and was mauled to death.

His parents filed a lawsuit against the zoo, but zoo officials are now saying that the person to blame for the boy's death is his mother. And I have to agree with them on this...


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The boy was at first thought to have died from the fall after he bounced off the protective netting and landed in the exhibit. However, the medical examiner says the dog attack was to blame. There was talk about euthanizing the animals, but the zoo went against the idea. Officials say the staff did everything in their power to save the boy after the November 4 attack, but his parents disagreed and filed a lawsuit for unspecified damages.

The zoo originally expressed a heartfelt apology to the Derkosh's, but they are now saying that it was all the mother's fault. In the latest court filing, their lawyer wrote that the boy's death was caused by "the carelessness, negligence, and/or recklessness of Elizabeth Derkosh." The parents' attorney disagrees with the zoo and says that they are "dead wrong and shameful." Oh boy, this is not looking pretty.

There's a reason why there are barriers at these exhibits and in this case the mom violated a safety rule. The last thing I would do as a parent is try to get my kid closer to a pack of wild creatures. The dogs also can't help the way they responded because it's in their animalistic instinct to attack. This is a tragedy that could have been prevented and is what I would call an unfortunate accident. 

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