Crazy mom cons family & friends by faking her son's cancer because she is LOCA

A Newark mom has been arrested after making everybody believe that her 4-year-old son was dying of cancer. Emily Creno has been charged with child endangerment, but more charges could be coming her way for plotting such an elaborate and despicable hoax whose details will disgust you.  


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It all started back in December of last year when the 31-year-old mom found a way to make her friends and family believe that her little boy had cancer and his prognosis was not good. Why a mother would want to make up something as horrific as this is beyond my understanding. 

Amazingly, Creno took her son J.J. to the hospital countless times where he had to undergo all kinds of unnecessary procedures including blood tests and hundreds of hours of inpatient EEG monitoring. Since there was nothing wrong with J.J., all the tests would come back normal. Creno, of course, failed to share this info with her friends and family, who worried unnecessarily for the little boy and found ways to help the Creno family through donations of all types. 

Creno is so messed up that she went as far as shaving her son's head regularly to make his sickness look more real. What kind of mom does this? Those of us with healthy children thank our lucky stars every day and here's this mom with a perfectly fine little kid wanting everybody to think he's sick.

I hope to God that she never has to experience what it's like to have a child with cancer for real!

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