2 Students hit by runaway car outside school & it's all caught on tape (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Two young girls were left pinned underneath an SUV after the car jumped the curb outside of a Queens school and slammed into them. Talk about terrifying!

Witnesses describe seeing the car seemingly pulling up to the sidewalk, but then driving right into the children as they walked down the street early in the morning. As if that wasn't crazy enough in itself, the entire incident was captured in some truly terrifying surveillance footage that left me SHOCKED.


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As can be seen in the scary clip, the two girls are chatting and strolling innocently down the street when they literally get run over by a runaway car. According to police, the driver mistakenly hit the gas instead of the brakes, causing the vehicle to go onto the sidewalk. My god! Can you imagine just going about your day and having a car come at you out of nowhere?!

Thankfully, they had luck on their side. The entire thing happened in a busy area so a handful of witnesses were there to rush to the students' aid. Together, the heroic group managed to hoist the car enough to free the girls. And amazingly enough, the students sustained only a few broken bones and no life-threatening injuries--a downright miracle, considering the severity of the accident and the speed the car seemed to be going at in the video.

Three other boys standing outside of the school also suffered injuries in the crash, but are expected to recover.

Those poor kids! I can only imagine how rattled they must be and how worried their parents must have been hearing about it. Judging from what was captured on footage though, I guess we should just be thankful that this wasn't a much more horrific tragedy. I mean, this all happened right outside of a school! It's terrifying to think how close of a call it was and how many other kids could've gotten seriously hurt or worse. Hopefully, these kids will make a speedy recovery.

Image via NY Daily News

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