12-year-old girl with brain-eating parasite makes one-in-a-million recovery (VIDEO)

Kali Hardig, the 12-year-old Arkansas girl who contracted a rare brain-eating amoeba, was finally allowed to go home yesterday after being hospitalized since July. Such amazing news!

The young girl was first diagnosed with the infection after a trip to a now-closed Arkansan water trip earlier this summer. Doctors say that to this point only two out of 128 people with the disease have ever survived ... and Hardig just became number 3!


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Hardig entered the hospital in critical condition almost seven weeks ago. Thankfully, she was diagnosed early on and doctors were able to practice some new experimental treatment on her. They cooled her body to reduce her fever and swelling and were eventually given permission to treat her with a breast cancer drug. Now, she is not only recovering, she is thriving.

Since the treatment, there have been no signs of the parasite in Hardig's system. And though the infection is extremely debilitating, the unbelievably brave girl has managed to go from breathing through a ventilator to breathing on her own and more recently, learning once again to walk, speak, and eat on her own. Her condition has improved so drastically, she's even expected to go back to school part time next week! Wow, that is truly a miraculous recovery.

Hardig will also attend physical, occupational, and speech therapy before going back to her doctors for a checkup in four to six weeks.

I am honestly in complete awe of all the strength and courage Hardig has shown throughout this entire ordeal. At 12 years old, she's already gone through more than anyone should have to go through in a lifetime. And her family deserves just as much credit, particularly her mom. They never lost faith and were so confident that she'd overcome this disease, that they even made T-shirts with the #3 on it. Their hope is something truly inspiring to see and I'm so happy that it all paid off! Enjoy your time at home, Kali!   

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