Baby elephant cries for 5 hours after being rejected by his mom, breaks everyone's heart

Oh my goodness, I have never wanted to hug an elephant as much as I do right now. The mamá in me just wants to hightail it over to the Shendiaoshan Wild Animal Reserve in Rong-cheng, China and wrap my arms around a baby elephant named Zhuangzhuang. Zhuangzhuang has suffered much in his brief time on this planet. Shortly after being born, Zhuangzhuang was stomped on by his mother. Zoo keepers rushed to his aid and two hours later, after treating his injuries, returned him to his mother who once again tried to stomp him to death. Poor thing! Zoo keepers were able to rescue the newborn elephant, but he was so brokenhearted he cried inconsolably for five hours.


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Aww, he couldn't handle being rejected and separated from his mother and just lay under a blanket and cried and cried. Just the thought of it makes me tear up. I mean I know he's an elephant, but a baby is a baby.

No one knows why the mama elephant rejected the baby elephant. I guess infanticide can sometimes be attributed to factors like overcrowding and captivity that can mess with an animal's protective instincts towards their offspring.

After five hours Zhuangzhuang allowed himself to be comforted by staff. He has since been adopted by the zoo keeper who saved him. It's a good thing too because I really don't have room for an elephant in my home, but I was about ready to adopt this one.

Image via Shandong TV YouKu

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