Woman busted smuggling coke stuffed in a fake baby bump!

Picture this: You're at an airport when suddenly police arrest a pregnant woman trying to smuggle in cocaine.The twist is she isn't even pregnant! Tabitha Leah Ritchie of Toronto, Canada pulled this move and was stopped at a Bogota, Colombia airport heading home because her pregnant belly appeared to be suspicious. It turns out the 28-year-old woman was NOT carrying a bun in the oven, but instead had 4.4 pounds of cocaine stashed inside her fake belly.  

Sounds like someone hasn't watched enough drug trafficking movies to know that this never works!


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According to reports, Ritchie is a social worker who arrived in Colombia on August 6 and thought she was scott free when she was ready to board her flight to go back home. The New York Daily News reveals that an inspector at the airport found her belly to be cold and hard which struck his suspicion. Good thing he followed his instinct, because he was right!

The belly was made out of latex, cocaine filled, and had been taped around her body. She was arrested by the anti-narcotic police department but it is unclear what charges she is currently facing. She will be spending jail time in Colombia with other foreigners who have also been detained for drug smuggling. As far as the Canadian embassy in Bogota goes, they refused to comment on the situation.

I don't know how Ritchie managed to get roped into the drug trafficking business, but her strategy to bring drugs in was an amateur move. Maybe it was her drug dealer's fault, but It doesn't take a genius to realize that a fake belly can be easily detected. At least other drug pushers find more subtle ways to sneak illegal substances in--like sticking it in their butt. I didn't say they were smart, but it's less obvious than a latex belly. Either way this sucks for Ritchie, as I hear that the jails outside of the U.S are NO joke.  

Image via U.K. Daily Mail

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