Evil man who tricked his girlfriend into taking abortion pill takes plea deal like a coward

The disgusting man from Tampa, Florida who tricked his girlfriend into taking an abortion pill, may not serve life in prison after all. James Andrew Welden pleaded guilty in federal court this Monday to intentionally plotting to terminate his now ex-girlfriend's pregnancy. If the judge decides to accept this creep's plea bargain, he might only be spending 14 years behind bars on wire fraud in tampering charges instead of serving life for a murder charge. How unfair is this?


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According to Welden's lawyer, Todd Foster, there is no way the government would have been able to prove that what Welden did was murder because "it was a fact that was not scientifically capable of being demonstrated" that the pill was absolutely what caused the miscarriage. And yet Welden still chose to plead guilty in hopes of reducing his sentence. "I think the case is tragic from all sides," Foster said. "It's just a very bad situation from every angle--it's terrible for the lady, it's terrible for the family, it's bad all around."

Terrible is right, this woman, who has been referred to only as R.L., was deceived by her own boyfriend and baby daddy into aborting her child. The two had been together for seven months before learning that she was pregnant. R.L. was very excited about the pregnancy, but Welden made it clear from the beginning that he didn't want her to keep the child.

As part of Welden's abortion plot he suggested R.L. visit his father's OB-GYN clinc, where they received confirmation of the pregnancy. The next day he ordered anti-ulcer pills by forging his father's signature and gave them to his girlfriend claiming they were antibiotics for an infection his father supposedly said she had. He even went as far as scratching off the markings on the anti-ulcer pills and covered it with an antibiotics label. What a jerk!

I really hope the judge doesn't accept this a-hole's plea bargain, because what he deserves is to spend the rest of his life behind bars. What he did was deceiving, malicious, and just flat out evil. This poor girl may have suffered a lot, but in the end Welden is the one who's going to really pay!

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