Christina West: FL woman brutally beaten during DUI arrest (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO)

An extremely disturbing and graphic new video shows a Tallahassee woman being brutally attacked by police officers during her August 10arrest for an alleged DUI.

In the graphic footage obtained by The Tallahassee Democrat, 44-year-old Christina West can be heard screaming as her head gets slammed against the police car. Eventually, authorities push her forcefully to the ground.


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The shocking incident first started after West crashed her vehicle into a house. According to reports, at least six local police officers responded to the scene and two can be seen on the dash cam footage aggressively trying to handcuff her.  As a result of their excessive force, West suffered a broken orbital bone in her face and other injuries, including a swollen eye and bloody nose.  Now, the state attorney and other city officials are launching an internal investigation into situation. I would hope so! Once you take a look at this appalling video, there's no denying that those officers crossed the line.

The cops in question, however, maintain that West was resisting arrest and had managed to slip out of the handcuffs once before they managed to get her to the ground and restrain her. She was then taken to the hospital before going to jail for processing. West's attorney says he plans to pursue compenstation for his client.

I don't know…maybe she was struggling against them, but I still find hard to believe that it took that much force for TWO supposedly trained police officers--who, by the way, seem to be twice the size of West--to handcuff her.  And even if she was resisting arrest, it doesn't make it OK for them to basically beat her into submission. As professionals, they should know how to handle situations like these without ever resorting to such brutality. At the very least, it definitely warrants a further investigation and I'm glad that authorities are taking a closer look into the matter.

Image via The Tallahassee Democrat

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