Poor little boy dies from one-in-a-million lightning strike (VIDEO)

Two little boys were struck by lightning on Thursday in San Antonio, Texas. According to an uncle the two boys, 8-year-old Mohammad al-Qarqaz and 10-year-old Zaid Hammoudeh, were playing in the backyard when they were both struck by lightning.

Fire officials say the two boys were playing in a treehouse at the time.  Mohammad al-Qarqaz was struck in the chest and Zaid Hammoudeh was struck in the hip. Unbelievable! You would think something like this would be statistically impossible.


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When emergency officials arrived on the scene, al-Qarqaz was not breathing, but Hammoudeh was able to speak. Both of the boys were taken to the hospital and al-Qarqaz was on life support until shortly before noon on Saturday when he was taken off of it and pronounced dead. The third grader has since been burried within 24-hours of his death in accordance with Muslim tradition.

Zaid Hammoudeh is still recovering in the hospital.

What the heck? I still can't believe that lightning could strike two little boys and leave one dead. It's awful. San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood said, "In my seven years of being here, I can't remember a lightning strike, a multiple strike, or a strike involving a child."

My heartfelt condolences to the family of Mohammad al-Qarqaz. I am so very sorry for your loss.

Veronica Ball, a crisis team leader in the Northside Independent School District says, this beautiful llittle boy is being remembered with stories of "How he was a tremendous helper in the classroom, and how he was just really kind to others, and he was a very popular little boy among the third graders here at Wanke Elementary."

I wish Zaid Hammoudeh a speedy recovery and I'm so very sorry he is going through such a difficult situation at such a young age.

Image via KVUE

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