Mom of drunk driver whose confession video went viral is proud of him & I would be too (VIDEO)

Matthew Cordle, a 22-year-old drunk driver from Ohio, has made one of the most powerful video confessions I've ever seen. In the video, which has gone viral since he posted it last week, Cordle tells the world he got super drunk, made the common mistake of thinking he could drive and ended up killing 61-year-old Vincent Canzani back in June.

Cordle's mom, Kari, says she's super proud of her son, but she should be proud of herself because she obviously did a great job raising him.


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That may sound crazy considering Cordle killed a man because of his reckless behavior, but the fact that he made the chilling video confession and plans to plead guilty says a lot about his character and the kind of man he was brought up to be. 

I'm saying this because it takes guts to do what Cordle did--especially for those in his "entitled" generation who grew up with parents who never made them take responsibility for their actions. In fact, in his video, Cordle says he could've found legals ways to get away with murder, but that would've been the wrong because nothing can change the fact that he killed Canzani.

Cordle turned himself in Monday and was charged with vehicular homicide. If convicted, he could face up to eight years in prison. As a mom, I can imagine the heartache this tragedy must be causing Cordle's mom. But I hope she takes solace in the fact that her son is doing the right thing.

Hopefully, other young people will learn from Cordle's example, not only about the deadly dangers of drinking and driving, but about the importance of owning up to your mistakes. 

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