Little Latina dies of starvation because she had horrifically neglectful parents (VIDEO)

The terrible parents of a 3-year-old girl who weighed only 11 pounds and died Monday of starvation in West Oak Lane, Philadelphia are facing murder charges.

Carlos Rivera and Carmen Ramirez apparently had neglected to feed and properly take care of their daughter, Nathalyz Rivera. Carlos noticed his daughter was unconscious around midnight on Monday and instead of calling 911, immediately called the girl's mother who rushed over with a male friend and took the child to Albert Einstein Medical Center where she was pronounced dead at 1:50 a.m.


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According to Philadelphia Police Homicide Captain James Clark, Nathalyz showed "obvious signs of neglect." The family's bug-infested home was so gross and unkempt that the child even had bruises believed to have come from either flea, rodent, or insect bites.  And unfortunately it gets worse. To top things off, Nathalyz is a child with special needs. Her own mother even told police that she suffered from Down syndrome. Can you freaking believe this?

"This is one of the worst cases of abuse that I've seen in my five years on the homicide unit. Very sad and very disturbing," said Clark.  The medical examiners termed  Nathalyz's death a homicide caused by starvation. "(She) had not seen a doctor in over a year, even with all the severe disabilities," Clark mentioned during a press conference. And the poor kid wasn't enrolled in a preschool or any other kind of city service catered for special needs children.

This situation really pisses me off! What kind of parents would neglect their poor little daughter like this? And even worse a special needs child who requires extra care!

Carlos tried to flee after dropping off Nathalyz's four siblings including her twin brother over at a relative's place. But he was eventually arrested by police later that day and questioned along with his wife. The other children were sent to a hospital to be checked before being sent to DHS.

This story is absolutely heartbreaking. I can't even believe any parent would allow their child to die of starvation. If they were financially struggling or felt overwhelmed keeping up with their kids they really should have tried to get some sort of government assistance. But now as a result of their neglect a little girl is dead! Let's hope the other four children experience a better fate!

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