Child bride dies from HORRIFYING sex injuries after first night with beastly 40-year-old groom

In an unbelievably heartbreaking story, an 8-year-old child bride in Yemeni recently died from internal sexual injuries after spending the first night of her arranged marriage with a husband who is  five times her age.

According to reports, the girl, identified only as Rawan, is believed to have suffered tearing of her genitals and a uterine rupture that caused severe bleeding. Ugh, words cannot describe how horrifying and sickening this is.


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The young girl died in the northwestern Yemen, which borders Saudi Arabia. Now, Kuwati activities are calling for action against the 40-year-old man, urging police to arrest "the beastly groom." They  are also asking authorities to punish the girl's family for allowing the marriage to ever take place, in hopes that it will set a precedent for other similar cases and eventually end the practice of marrying children altogether.

As of now, over a quarter of young girls in the impoverished country are married before the age of 15, as reported by Al Bawaba. Parents often arrange marriages for their young children as a way to save their struggling families.

Hearing about this poor little girl and the circumstances surrounding her death, I was left disturbed beyond belief. I just don't understand how anyone—let alone her own family members—can allow something like this to happen to an innocent child. Here in the US, this would be considered a horrifying case of pedophilia and rape, amongst other charges. But there, it's considered the norm. It's incredibly shocking and saddening to think about.

I'm just glad that some people are recognizing how cruel and immoral the whole situation really is and are demanding justice. I only hope that authorities listen to them and take action to end this horrible practice, once and for all.

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