Newlywed pushes husband off a cliff, then acts like nothing happened

What would you do if shortly after getting married you realize you and your man aren't compatible? Well, if you are Jordan Linn Graham, you'll probably shove him off a cliff. The 22-year-old Montana woman is being charged with second-degree murder for killing her husband, 25-year-old Cody Lee Johnson, a week after they wed.

Graham is said to have been arguing with Johnson in the Loop Trail area of Glacier National Park when she shoved him off the cliff and didn't report it to police.


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The New York Daily News reports that Graham had been having second thoughts about the marriage and had confided in a friend about her doubts. It wasn't until July 7 that things turned grim when she and Johnson got into an argument as they walked down the trail at Glacier National Park.

She told police that at one point she turned to walk off, but her husband grabbed her arm which caused her to remove his hand and push him face first off the cliff. However, instead of immediately getting medical assistance, she left without a second thought. It wasn't until Johnson was reported missing for not showing up to work the next day that police got involved. This was when she told them that she knew where his body may be.

Cops found it sketchy that she knew where his body was when she told them that the area was a place he wanted to see before he died. They eventually caught on that she had been lying about her husband's death. One friend said Graham contacted her a few days after the incident said the newlywed told her that they had gone hiking with friends and he had fallen and died.

Wow! This woman is so cold-hearted! She clearly wanted him dead. Otherwise, she would have rushed to get help the moment this all happened. She probably thought this was the easy way out of her already tumultuous marriage, but now she faces time behind bars. My thoughts are with Johnson's family at this time. 

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