Little boy comes home with neck scratched, so naturally mom brutally attacks his teacher

A Kansas City mother is in hot water after she reportedly beat up her child's kindergarten teacher--all because her son returned home from school with a scratch on his neck! What?! Right ... because that's obviously the appropriate response.

According to reports, 24-year-old Simone Baker became enraged after her son told her that the teacher gave him the scratch while she was disciplining him. So enraged, in fact, that she apparently decided to take matters into her own hands.  


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Apparently, Baker called the school to complain and informed the principal she was on her way. Though the principal asked her to set up a meeting at another time, she showed up anyway. That's when things got really ugly.

Baker reportedly ran to the classroom and confronted the teacher while she was on the phone with another parent, telling her, "You better not touch my kid again." She then proceeded to hit her five to 10 times in the face, pull her out of the chair by her hair, and slam her head against a file cabinet twice before fleeing the building. Oh my god! This woman seriously sounds like a lunatic. What kind of grown adult reacts like that?!

Baker has since been charged with assault. The teacher went to a hospital with bruising and was released that same day. The contention that she reportedly scratched Baker's child is still under investigation, but according to a district official, the boy's father took him back to school on Friday and he told administrators and police that the teacher hadn't hurt him.  

I can understand wanting to stand up for your kids. I can even understand the urge to hurt anyone who has done serious and irrefutable harm to your kids. But to brutally beat someone up all over a single scratch? One that the teacher might not have even caused, no less?! Talk about a ridiculous overreaction.   

if she was really concerned, she should've obeyed the principal's request to schedule a meeting and talked the teacher calmly and rationally. Instead, she completely flew off the handle and acted in a way that was completely uncalled for.

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