BREAKING NEWS: George Zimmerman in custody after domestic violence incident involving gun

George Zimmerman was taken into custody in Central Florida earlier today after allegedly threatening his estranged wife and her father with a gun.

Though specific details of the incident remain unclear, reports say that police were called to a home--thought to be the residence of Shellie's parents, David and Machelle Dean--in Lake Mary, Florida on Monday afternoon. A police spokesma said there was "an incident involving a gun with another person" and that Zimmerman is in custody for "possible domestic battery" but that they're still "trying to determine what exactly happened."


Zimmerman has not yet been formally arrested or charged.

Shellie's attorney told  ABC News that Zimmerman threatened his soon to be ex-wife with a knife today after she apparently discovered a firearm in their shared home. He then pulled a gun on her and her father after a verbal altercation spiraled out of control. Zimmerman's lawyers have not commented.

The incident comes just days after Shellie filed for divorce. Prior to the filing, she had discussed her tumultuous relationship with Zimmerman in an interview with Good Morning America, calling him temperamental and at times, verbally abusive.

Wow ... hot-tempered Zimmerman pulling out a gun for no apparent reason? Is anyone else experiencing some déjà vu here? I know we don't know all the details yet, but I can't believe that after everything, Zimmerman is not only still carrying a weapon at all times, but also brandishing it whenever he gets in an argument with seemingly anyone--even his WIFE! It's ridiculous and enough is enough. Clearly, he is dangerous. How many times does he have to get in an "altercation" before authorities finally see that and take action?

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