Man lost in Andes Mountains for 4 months & you'll never believe how he survived

A 58-year-old Uruguyan man who disappeared in the Andes Mountains four months ago was miraculously found alive--and you'll NEVER believe how he managed to survive.

According to local reports, Raul Fernando Gomez Circunegui got lost in May while trying to cross the mountains from Chile to Argentina on foot after his motorcycle broke down. Facing the brutally harsh winter alone, Circunegui had to resort to some pretty extreme (and disgusting) methods to stay alive. Trust me ... his story will leave you speechless!


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Circunegui, who is married and has a daughter, says he survived by eating sugar, raisins and--get this--rats! Ugh, can you believe that?! SO GROSS! And yet, I can't help but be impressed. After all, we're talking about a serious life or death situation here. He had no choice but to make do with whatever he could find to survive ... and he did! Not many people would've showed that same resilience.   

Argentine officials, who were traveling to the mountain to record snow levels, eventually found Circunegui in a shelter over 9,300 feet above sea level. "The truth is that this is a miracle. We still can't believe it," San Juan governor Jose Luis Gioja told a local newspaper.

And they're not the only ones. Doctors who examined Circunegui after his rescue were left equally astonished at his survival, especially considering the man reportedly had a history of high blood pressure and smoking. Despite this, medics say he "is going to be fine" and will be discharged after a few days of observation.

Wow ... that's one crazy ordeal. It's pretty unbelievable that Circunegui managed to sustain himself the way he did, under such brutal conditions and in such a remote location. And just think of his family--I can't even imagine what they've gone through the last few months and how overjoyed they must have been to finally learn he was alive.

UPDATE: Acording to the Associated Press, the man is actually wanted in Chile for child sex abuse allegations. A warrant was issued for his arrest on April 22, a few days before he decided to take his dangerous trip.

Image via Diario de Cuyo

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