'Breaking Bad' toy meth lab for kids has parents piping mad

How insane was last night's Breaking Bad ?! OK, now that we got that out of the way, you should know about a toy that is even crazier than last night's episode! Citizen Brick created a crystal meth lab play kit intended for kids, and parents are super outraged. For $250 the "Super Lab" (inspired by the hit show) allows kids recreate Walter White's infamous cooking lab.

Parents aren't thrilled by the message toy company is sending to their children by glamorizing the drug trade and want it pulled off the shelves immediately.


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The kit comes complete with all the paraphernalia seen on the show, including face masks, character figurines, and of course their version of the blue crystal meth. Citizen Brick's controversial toy look just like Legos, but the kid-friendly company made it clear that they are not associated.

The toy's site hypes up the kit by stating that users can cook up realistic meth and that it includes figurines inspired by the characters on the show. Hmm, well I can see why parents might be a tad bit upset by this.

But seriously, what parent in their right mind would allow their children to watch the show?! It's definitely not intended for kids and I doubt they would want the toy itself UNLESS they were avid viewers. In the end it's up to the parents to use their own discretion about what they permit their children to play with. As a huge Breaking Bad fan, I have to admit the toy kit is pretty cool. I'm just hoping the majority of the purchases were made by age-appropriate fans!

Image via Citizen Brick

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