Disgusting mom is pregnant by her own son & now wants to marry him

A nasty 40-year-old woman says she loves her son much that she had sex with him and is now pregnant with his child. Betty Mbereko swears she and her 23-year-old son Farai are in love and are looking forward to raising their child together, which is why they plan on getting married as soon as possible. ¡Qué asco! 


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The mother and son live in Zimbabwe and, according to what Betty recently told a village court, their incestuous relationship began three years ago. And she has the craziest explanation as to how it all came to be. 

Betty says that after her husband died 12 years ago, she worked her butt off to to send Farai to school. So when he was done, she figured she should be the one reaping the benefits of his education and not some other woman. "Let me enjoy the products of my sweat," she told the court.

But how do you even go about convincing him that he'd be better off with her? I can't even imagine it. I mean, how do you move from being a loving mother to your firstborn son to being his lover? Can someone please explain to me what this couple is going to say to their child once he or she is old enough to start asking questions? I am utterly disgusted.

Listen, I love my son to death and whenever I think about him growing up and leaving my side, I get sad. But never in a million years would it occur to me to have a relationship with the child I procreated. 

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