David Mangum exposed over 300 people to HIV on purpose & he should pay the price

David Magnum from rural Missouri is charged with exposing his partner to HIV. In Missouri, if you knowingly expose someone to HIV without their consent, you can face up to 15 years, which can go up to a life term if you infect someone. Magnum's partner told police that Magnum had lied about his status. So this son of a gun didn't just not tell his partner about his HIV status he out and out lied about it ... the worst part is that he may have exposed over 300 people to HIV without their knowledge.


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Magnum was diagnosed with HIV in 2003. He told police that since then, he has had unprotected sex with at least 300 people. THREE HUNDRED! How do you even find that many people to have sex with? He says, he went online or to parks to meet people.

Of course most of that sex was anonymous and he has no way of contacting all of the people he exposed.

What Magnum has done is absolutely deplorable. Missouri treats knowingly exposing someone to HIV without consent differently than they would treat exposing someone to any other communicable disease. I guess you wouldn't face 15 years to life for giving someone herpes. The things is that what Magnum did is absolutely HORRIBLE and definitely criminal. I would most definitely say that he is a danger to society and should be punished for it.

I would also like to say, PEOPLE, STOP HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX WITH STRANGERS! It is NEVER a good idea.

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