Teen partially decapitated by his own toy helicopter in grizzly accident (VIDEO)

A 19-year-old teen from Queens, New York died Thursday afternoon while operating a remote control helicopter that brutally struck him in the head.

Roman Pirozek Jr., a remote control helicopter enthusiast, was flying his model in Calvert Vaux Park in Gravesend, Brooklyn when he suddenly lost control of it. Police claim that the young man was killed to death by the helicopter's sharp blades. How horrifying is this?


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Roman used to enjoy operating his model aircraft in designated areas of Calvert Vaux Park where enthusiasts are allowed to fly remote control helicopters. His father is actually the vice president of the Seaview Rotary Wings Helicopter Club, which organizes flights in the park.

The teenager's helicopter had an almost 4 1/2-foot wing span and was able to reach speeds of 60 miles per hour. Roman was apparently attempting a stunt but then lost control of the aircraft. The helicopter went haywire and its rotor blades wound up slashing his head and throat. He suffered severe head injuries and died almost instantly.

One first responder claims there was nothing they could do. "The major vessels in his neck were involved and he just bled out very quickly," he told the Daily News. According to Rich Hanson, spokesman for Indiana-based Academy of Model Aeronautics, a membership group of hobbyists, Roman's helicopter was on the larger side. "Flying a RC helicopter is one of the more difficult aircrafts to operate," he told ABC News. "There are really two common reasons one might go out: pilot error or equipment failure." He claims that Roman is only the second person who has died due to a remote control helicopter in the United States. Injuries are common, but death is very rare.

This is absolutely devastating. It's so unfortunate that this young man had to die from a hobby he enjoyed so much. I can't even imagine how sad, not to mention shocked, his family and friends must be right now. My heart really goes out to them and may Roman rest in peace.

Image via ABC News

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