Latina mom arrested for abandoning her premature baby in dumpster

Since she didn't want anybody to know she was pregnant, Rosibel Christina Lanza gave birth to a baby boy 11 weeks early all by herself in her apartment in Jersey City, New Jersey last Saturday. Then, she grabbed a shopping bag, put the baby inside together with paper towels and toilet paper, tied the bag and threw it out like trash in a dumpster behind the building next to hers. 


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Luckily, when a group of teens discovered the tiny baby, he was still alive. Late Wednesday night, police arrested Lanza who faces charges of endangering the welfare of a child as well as child abuse.

According to Lanza's brother, Melvin Lanza, both him and his mother are shocked by the allegations because they had no idea she was pregnant since doctors had told her that wasn't possible. Lanza's neighbors have also said they can't believe it since she did a great job hiding her pregnancy. 

The cold-hearted woman appeared in court on Thursday and showed no emotion whatsoever. I will never understand how a human being--a mom--can be so evil. I guess the thing that bothers me the most about this case is that we're talking about a 39-year-old woman and not some scared teen who has no clue what's going on. If Lanza didn't want her baby, she must have known she had other options. 

Meanwhile, her miracle baby, who weighed only 3 pounds when he was born, is in stable condition and getting better every day. I hope the poor little baby gets to grow up in a loving family and that he never ever finds out how he came into this world. 

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