Abuela sent to morgue after horrific car crash, but she was STILL ALIVE!

For some crazy reason, I've always been afraid of being buried alive. And that's what could've happened to one very unlucky abuelita who was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene of a horrific car crash in Germany earlier this week. But hours after her body was brought into the morgue, a worker discovered she was still breathing!


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The 72-year-old lady was transferred to the hospital immediately where she underwent a four-hour long operation for the severe injuries she received to her head. Although she remains in a coma, her story is nothing short of a miracle!

The fatal accident occurred when the woman's 18-year-old grandson lost control of the car and hit another one head on. The crash was so horrific that the lady's daughter and one of her little grandsons, who were sitting in the back, were killed. When paramedics arrived, they couldn't find any signs of life, so they assumed the grandmother had been killed too.

So how was she found alive hours later at the morgue? I've no idea, but the employee who realized what was going on deserves some sort of medal and it sounds like the paramedics may need a bit more training because this whole thing just seems very strange.

Either way, it's an unbelievable story and I pray to God that she gets out of the comma and begins the road to recovery. I always tell myself that my fear of being buried alive is absurd, but then I find out about stories like this one and I freak out all over again!

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