Woman speaks from beyond the grave to lead police to her murderer

Alec and Cathy McNaughton seemed like the picture-perfect couple until Valentine's Day in 2009 when Cathy was killed. The Georgia woman was found stabbed to death in her home. The murder of the well-liked woman shocked many. The people police questioned were Alec and Cathy's ex-husband, Gary Mendenhall, who happened to be in town on what would have been their anniversary.

Alec denied having anything to do with his wife's murder and even painted the image that they had a harmonious marriage. However police found a prime piece of evidence that the dead woman left behind revealing a darker side to their relationship ...


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According to CBS TV show 48 Hours, Cathy had ended a 21 year marriage in 2004 before she met Alec online. Alec had been divorced three times and they got engaged less than six months later. Cathy's daughter Michelle thought it was too soon for marriage, but her mother went through with it despite never having been an impulsive person.

Cathy's ex-husband, Gary, would still visit his daughters and was in town the day of her murder. Alec told police that he suspected that Gary had killed her, but they found that the evidence didn't add up. Cathy's daughters later revealed that Alec was a controlling, selfish husband and soon his own family members contacted police with their suspicions about him.

The REAL answer was discovered when police found three disposable cameras with unprocessed film in Cathy's closet. The pictures showed bruises on her body that proved that she was being abused by Alec. In addition, she left behind notes about questionable financial deals and death threats he had given her. Alec's former wives also told police that they had been abused by him too.

Although Alec vehemently denied killing Cathy, all evidence proved that he was guilty. Alec was sentenced to life in prison and the Supreme Court denied his appeal in 2012.

What an insane story! I wish Cathy had reported him to police and now sadly she is gone. We never know what goes on in the mind of those who are domestically abused, but I'm glad that this man is now locked up. It disgusts me that he tried pinning it on innocent people and even denied it after he was caught. He deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his life and suffer the same way his wife did in his hands.

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