Parents lose custody of their kids for the stupidest reason ever & it could happen to you too!

A California couple is suing city and county officials in San Diego because they claim they lost custody of their two little kids for no reason at all. Gulf War vet Michael Lewis admits he uses medical marijuana to ease the pain of the severe migraines he gets as a result of exposure to chemical weapons, but he has a doctor's prescription and has made it clear he never smokes in front of his kids. Despite any proof of abuse on the part of Lewis or his wife, Lauren Taylor, welfare officials deemed their boys were in danger and took them away to an emergency shelter for neglected children.

That's when the couple's nightmare got started...


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The little boys, aged only 2 and 4 at the time, were in the shelter for two weeks and I can only begin to imagine how terrifying that experience must have been for them. Unfortunately, this family's ordeal didn't end there. 

For some crazy reason, officials failed to see that there was no evidence of abuse and that, in fact, the kids were found to be perfectly healthy both emotionally and physically. But they continued to be kept away from their parents who must have been going insane trying to figure out a way to get them back. Believe it or not, it took Lewis and Taylor one whole year to proof that they'd done nothing wrong and for their children to be turned back to them. 

I'm sure the couple is super happy that their family has been reunited, but the damage has been done and somebody needs to pay for the huge mistake that was obviously made in this case. It seems to me like welfare officials should've spent all that money and time in cases where there's really child abuse going on and maybe a lot more tragedies would be avoided. 

Not to mention that I think the way this vet was treated is despicable considering the reason why he even uses medical marijuana is because of the injuries he sustained while defending his country. I hope they get compensated for their pain and suffering, but nobody will be able to erase what was done to them for no apparent reason at all.

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