Girl dumped on side of road like trash after dying from asthma attack

You trust that your kids' friends are good-natured people, but in the case of 20-year-old Taylor Smith, her mom had to come to grips with the fact that they were horrible, mean people. The Georgia woman had been with friends when she suffered a fatal asthma attack. Her death could have been avoided had they sought help, but instead they dumped her body in front of a mobile home.

Taylor's mother, Tanya is furious and doesn't understand how no one helped her or taken her to the hospital which was only two miles away. In addition to her asthma attack, police suspect that drug usage could have been involved. How awful!


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Tanya told ABC News that Taylor always carried an inhaler and medications with her because she suffered from bad asthma. To make matters worse, she claims she didn't know the people her daughter was hanging out with that day but was told that they may have been doing meth. Toxicology reports have yet to reveal if Taylor herself was experimenting with the drug.

Police were only notified of the incident by one of the people in the group who dumped her body in front of a mobile home in Jasper, Georgia. So far police have arrested 38-year-old Marty Gaddis and 51-year-old Denise Patterson, but are looking for two or three more suspects involved in the case. Gaddis and Patterson were accused of tampering and abandoning Taylor's body, in addition to drug charges.

Tanya recalls her daughter as someone who was beautiful and sweet to a fault. Sadly Taylor's kindness cost her her life and now this grieving mother is planning her daughter's funeral.

It breaks my heart knowing that there are people cruel enough out there who take advantage of others without guilt. This young woman clearly meant no harm to anyone, but it just shows that you can't trust everyone you come across. What's shocking is that getting help for someone who falls ill the way she did is only human decency--something the people she was with lacked. This is a scary lesson for parents to keep an eye on the company their kids keep--no matter how old they may be.

 Image via ABC News

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