Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro's family speak out after he kills himself like a coward (VIDEO)

Just hours after Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro was found dead from an apparent suicide in his prison cell, some of his family members are speaking out.

Castro's body was found late Tuesday evening and his family learned about the death from the prison warden at about 1 a.m. And from what they've told reporters, it seems they--like the rest of the world--aren't quite sure how to react.  


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"I cried for several reasons," his cousin, Maria Castro Montes, told CNN. "I immediately thought of [the victims] and what is going through their minds. Maybe this was for the best. I don't think they were ever going to find peace with him alive."

Montes went on to say that Castro would have been living a life of relative "luxury" had he stayed alive. "What was he suffering behind bars, I mean getting three square meals a day?" she questioned. "Sleeping in a nice, warm, soft bed? Being basically watched over and guarded, making sure that he was safe?"

Of course, the main concern here is how this will affect Castro's victims, Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight, and Gina Dejesus. Will they feel cheated out of the justice they deserve? Or, like Castro's cousin said, will they feel a sense of relief that he's out of their lives for good? It's difficult to know, especially considering Berry birthed a child with Castro.

Though no statements from any of the girls have been released, Dejesus' aunt, Peggy Arida, told WWLTV that her niece had been informed of her former captor's suicide. "She also said, Well, now he has to answer to God," Arida said of Dejesus' reaction. "That was it. He has to answer to God."

Though I want to believe that Castro just couldn't live with himself anymore, the more likely explanation is that he was just a coward. He had no problem happily inflicting his sociopathic ways on those innocent young women for over a decade, but was imprisoned for only a month before he couldn't handle it any more. I wish he could've paid more for his heinous crimes, but at the very least, I hope the victims can take even the slightest bit of comfort in knowing that he is truly gone.

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