Little girl left an orphan when gas from a common vegetable kills her entire family

Just when I thought I had heard it all, I find out about a little girl who was left orphaned in the most strangest way imaginable. Wait until I tell you what this tragedy is about because I know you'll find it hard to believe too. It all started when 8-year-old María Chelysheva's dad went down to the cellar in their home and never came back. 


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Noticing that Mikhail Chelyshev was taking way too long down there, his wife Anastasia decided to go looking for him, but she didn't come back either. So 18-year-old Georgy went looking for his parents and, you guessed it, he didn't return. Finally, his grandmother realized there was something terribly wrong and called a neighbor to ask for help.

But apparently, she couldn't wait and she ended up following her family member's footsteps. So what happened to all of them? Well, they died after inhaling toxic fumes casued by rotten potatoes someone had forgotten down in the cellar! Can you believe it?

Sadly, it was little Maria who finally discovered the four dead bodies and who was saved from the same fate only because her abuela left the door open and the deadly gases escaped. I can't even begin to image her heartbreak, especially because this was a tragedy that could've clearly been prevented.

I never ever heard of such a thing. I had no idea that rotten potatoes could be deadly and even though it may sound ridiculous, I don't think I'll ever be able to look at this vegetable (which I love) in the same way. In fact, I have a couple of potatoes in the kitchen right now and after finding out about this tragic story, I'm thinking I should get rid of them. ¡Qué miedo!

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