Teen kicked out of store for being "too fat" to shop there

Shelby Buster was at the Valley River Center Mall in Eugene, Oregon on Saturday celebrating her birthday and doing some shopping while her mother waited for her in the food court. The 14-year-old girl claims that she  walked into an outpost of the store Rue 21 and was promptly insulted and discriminated against by an employee. Buster alleges that a woman at the front counter asked her to leave because she was too big to be in the store. What?!


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Of course when Shelby told her mother, Marge Wood-Buster, what had happened, her mother was none to happy. Wood-Buster went back to the store to complain and received an apology, but still upset by the incident, Shelby Buster posted about the incident on the store's Facebook page.

Rue 21 responded to complaints by saying they are investigating, adding: "We value diversity and welcome all customers in our stores. We train our associates on inclusion and do not condone discrimination in any form."

I'm sure it is not part of Rue 21's policy to ask larger customers to leave, but if an employee did say this to the teen, then that employee needs to be fired, not just reprimanded. I mean come on! What kind of a jerk would say such a thing? Since when is there a size requirement to shop at a store? As far as I know, money is money and people of all weights have it to spend. What, a heavy person's money isn't worth as much as a thin person's?

Absurd! I don't want to believe that such a thing would happen, but frankly I will not be surprised if further investigation proves that it happened. Something very similar happened to a friend of mine and that made me realize that some people just have no clue.

Image via KEZI 9 News

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