Teen kills himself on the first day of school after years of bullying

Bart Palosz told his mother repeatedly that he did not want to go to school on his first day as a sophomore at Greenwich High School in Connecticut, but he went anyways. After classes let out last Tuesday,  the 15-year-old sent his mother a text telling her what school supplies he needed. He also complained that his stomach hurt and he felt like throwing up. His mother asked him to let out the family dog and to take a nap. When she went to his bedroom later that evening to check up on him, she found him dead.


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The teen had taken a family shotgun that was properly stored in a locker and used it to kill himself. His suicide took the family by surprise. "We had no idea. He didn't show us any signs," his sister Beata, an 18-year-old college student, told Greenwich Times. "He was going through that teenage age where everything had to be his way. It had to be his way. But it wasn't anything that I didn't go through myself when I was his age."

Admittedly, the teenage years can be rough, but they seem to have been rougher for Bart than most. He had experienced bullying for years and even though his parents had reached out to school administrators, according to his sister, not much was done. "I honestly do not think the school addressed the bullying. It could have saved him if they did," she told the daily.

Although the family was surprised by Bart's suicide, there were signs even if they didn't see them. On his Google+ profile there are quite a few disturbing posts. He posted about what song he wanted played when he died, he posted about hurting himself, and one disturbing post has a picture of him holding a knife to his eye and reads, "Hey if I were to stab my eye out due to school caused insanity, who would miss me?"

Rest in peace Bart Palosz. I'm sorry you felt so desperate that death seemed like the best option. I hope your death somehow helps others learn more about how to help students who are being bullied.

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