Convicted rapist may have contracted HIV from victim because karma is real

A British man who was just sentenced to five years in prison for rape was recently also told that he might have caught HIV from his victim--and he was reportedly so upset upon hearing the news that he collapsed. Too bad absolutely NO ONE else feels bad for him!


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Apparently, Richard Thomas let himself into the woman's house in the middle of the night after she had reportedly taken a sleeping pill. She awoke to find him raping her. Though Thomas says the victim--who he reportedly knew beforehand--"would not lie," he also claims he had been drinking and taking drugs and doesn't remember the attack. Oh, how convenient is that!

Thomas, who has young daughters and a partner, also says he has been trying to contact his family, but they want nothing to do with him. Now, he has to wait alone until later in the week to hear where he really did contract the disease from the victim. But though his distress is understandable, I don't think anyone else really feels any sympathy for him. Even his own lawyer acknowledges that Thomas brought this on himself.

"It is his own fault," the attorney told the court. "If he had not committed this offense, he would not have placed himself in this position."

How can anyone not agree with those words?! Though I feel truly sorry for the rest of his family, it honestly seems like they--especially his young girls--are better off without this man, who apparently has a long history of abusing drugs and alcohol and is now a convicted rapist. Who knows what would've happened if he hadn't been caught? He could've gone on to commit one of those drug-fueled attacks on one of his own daughters!

I'm glad that he has been sentenced to prison for his heinous crime. As for him possibly getting infected…well, call it justice or karma, but he deserves what he gets. 

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