Antiq Hennis murder: Selfish dad of slain 1-year-old refusing to cooperate with police

The father of the 1-year-old who was shot to death yesterday in Brooklyn is reportedly won't help cops find the killer--even though the bullet that killed his son was actually meant for him. What kind of dad is this?!


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Police are still on the hunt for the suspect who fired four shots at Anthony Hennis while he was pushing son Antiq in a stroller on Sunday night, fatally hitting the little boy. But though you would think that any parent would be anxious to arrest the person responsible for their child's death, police say 23-year-old Hennis, who has a long list of criminal history himself, is actually refusing to cooperate.

According to authorities, the young father has 23 arrests under his belt, mostly for drugs and weapon charges. Now, he is rebuffing police inquiries about who the killer could be. "He has not answered questions," Police Commisioner Ray Kelly said. "We're still trying to, obviously, determine his contacts--and he has an extensive arrest record, so we are looking into his relationships."

Neighborhood activists said they believe they know who killed little Antiq and are helping police try and find him. Cops say they are "aggressively following" several leads.

That poor little boy ... this whole incident is heartbreaking beyond words. It's bad enough that an innocent child's life was taken because of his father's criminal behaviors, but the fact that his dad is now refusing to even help authorities in their search? It's just sickening. I don't understand how any parent could behave that way. Whatever the reasoning is though, it's clear that Hennis is being just as selfish a parent as he was when Antiq was alive. Instead of putting his son in front of his own interests, he only seems to be protecting himself. I just hope that he either comes to his senses soon or that the cops find a way to catch the killer without him, so that he can be brought to justice.   

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