Baby killed by mom's drug laced breast milk

A California baby boy, Ryder Salmen, overdosed from a combination of Xanax, methadone, and the painkiller Opana when he was 8 months old! This happened in September of 2012. The Sacramento County District Attorney has now charged his 32-year-old mother, Sarah Ann Stevens, with second degree murder and felony child endangerment. According to police, Stevens intentionally fed her child drug-laced breast milk. What?!


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This story is so sad because a baby who was supposed to be cared for by his mother was instead killed by her irresponsibility. What makes it even sadder is that it seems that this child's death could have been prevented.

Months before he died, Ryder was taken to the hospital because he was lethargic and high levels of methadone were found in Ryder's blood stream. Sarah Ann Stevens was warned to stop breastfeeding, but obviously she didn't. How is it that a child that was drugged from his mother's breast milk was not being monitored by Child Protective Services?

The Sacramento Bee reports that CPS services did not approve a safety plan that was created for the baby until 3 months after it was created. Three months in the life of an infant who is in danger is way too long.

Ryder's grandfather, Alan Salmen, said his family knew that the baby was in danger and fought for custody. He told Sacramento'ss Fox 40, "We reached out. We knew what was going on, 'please give him to us. If you don't have the time or don't want to do it, please, we're here.'"

And now there is no getting that baby back. So sad.

Image via FOX 40

Have you ever heard of a child overdosing from breast milk?

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Have you ever heard of a child overdosing from breast milk?

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on Sep 3, 2013 at 10:15 AM
It's important to note that the consensus of the medical community is that methadone is breast milk is not dangerous. As with most articles about addiction, no medical professionals were consulted or quoted to ensure that the conclusions jumped to are sound. Even a simple Google search for "methadone AND breast milk" would have resulted in sound medical information from national and international medical organizations. This is what's called "journalism"...
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