Antiq Hennis: 1-year-old shot to death in stroller in NYC

Antiq Hennis was an adorable 16-month-old baby boy being pushed in his stroller about a block away from his home in Brooklyn, New York on Sunday night when at around 7:20 p.m. he was shot in the head. His mother and father had been pushing him across the street in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn when 3 or four shots that were allegedly intended for the baby's father, Anthony Hennis, were fired. Anthony Hennis was not hurt, but Antiq was not so lucky.


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Antiq Hennis was rushed to Brookdale University Hospital where he was pronounced dead just before 9 p.m. This child was gunned down in the street, his life cut short, and it's absolutely absurd.

Anthony Hennis has a record, he's been arrested over 20 times in Pennsylvania and New York. It is being speculated that he was the intended target and not the baby. The thing is, I don't care what Anthony Hennis has done or did, or who he pissed off because nothing can make sense of a baby being shot while being pushed in a stroller by his parents. Tell me, who would shoot in the direction of a baby in a stroller? What kind of a monster would put a child's life in the balance like that?

Police are searching for the shooter. Let's hope they find the murderer responsible for this soon. I really hope this community comes together to help find the shooter.

My condolences to Antiq's parents, family, and loved ones. This child didn't even get a chance at life before it was ruthlessly snatched away. What a supreme and tragic waste.

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