Latina mom savagely killed by enraged ex-boyfriend in front of her new lover

Doines Espinal must have gone crazy jealous when he saw his ex-girlfriend leaving a hotel with her new lover at 4 a.m. Wednesday morning in the Bronx. So crazy that the 31-year-old cab driver decided to chase the couple and rammed their SUV causing it to roll. And then, Espinal got out of his own badly damaged cab, and did the unthinkable.


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He walked up to his ex, Katherine German, and stabbed her repeatedly in the neck, chest and face while her new boyfriend watched helplessly. 

The 20-year-old mother, who had an infant with Espinal two months ago, was pronounced dead at the scene of the bloody attack. Apparently, the woman had gotten order of protection against the killer after he'd been arrested for assaulting her in the past.

Espinal must have known he had messed up big time because he didn't even try to leave the scene of the murder and actually waited around until the cops showed up and arrested him. My heart breaks when I think how scary this horrific attack must have been for the young mom and I can't help but wonder what will happen to the little baby girl they had together.

What I can't imagine is what German's new boyfriend, 28-year-old Jose Jimenez must have thought as he was being chased off the road by an enraged Espinal. And then, the poor guy had to witness his girlfriend being stabbed to death.

I hate saying this, but I've always thought restraining orders can only do so much and this horrible story proves it. I hope Espinal gets the punishment he deserves, but nothing will change the fact that he's responsible for leaving his child orphaned. 

Image via German family handout

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