Baby dies of heat exhaustion in car while parents are driving

We've all read countless heartbreaking stories of infants dying after being forgotten by a parent in a parked hot car. But this latest case in which a baby died of heat exhaustion in a vehicle is even more saddening—because her parents were actually driving the car at the time.



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According to police, Angela and Christopher Randolph had taken their 23-day-old daughter, Hannah, their other 1-year-old child, and the family's dog on a family road trip from Ohio to Oklahoma. Unfortunately, the vehicle they decided to embark on their journey in had no air conditioning and only one window that opened.

As if that wasn't bad enough, it was 100 degrees outside at the time. The parents reportedly didn't notice anything was wrong, until they pulled over at a convenience store and realize that the baby girl wasn't breathing. Though they tried to call for help, it was too late—little Hannah died still in her carseat.

Authorities arrested the Randolphs on the charges of felony neglect. Though an autopsy is still pending, police say the charges are based on the suspicion that their daughter of heat exhaustion. According to Delaware County court records, the couple lost permanent custody of two of their other children in 2010, also because of severe neglect.

That poor little girl! I don't understand how these parents possibly could've thought it was safe to bring their barely three-week-old daughter out on a long drive in such hot temperatures—in a car with no AC, filled to the brim with their belongings, no less. It was an irresponsible and reckless move. After all, if you're uncomfortable and overheated in those kinds of conditions as an adult, how can you put your baby through that too?

I understand that cars are expensive to repair and maintain, but the bottom line is that your kid's health always comes first. If they couldn't afford to better equip the car for the trip, they shouldn't have gone. Their careless actions cost their innocent baby her life. I only hope that their other child is put in the hands of more protective and attentive people.

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Do you think these parents deserved to be charged?

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Do you think these parents deserved to be charged?

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on Aug 27, 2013 at 11:57 AM
Your parents took long road trips as a child in the summer in cars with no air! I find this tragic and yes they should have forced another window open but none the less it was a accident!
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on May 12, 2014 at 2:49 PM
I agree with Ashleigh. There are enough armchair "judges" on the internet. The article was well written until the last part where you blame the parents. I remember being left in a car with siblings many times growing up and with no ill effects (other than the picking that goes on between siblings) I think the question should be what is causing so many deaths like this and how can we stop it? Obviously, there is more to it than a hot car or I would have died 10 times over. Maybe cars are more insulated now, in that case, car manufacturers need to be required to build in new safety features that address these dangers. Stop blaming parents for doing what their own parents did.
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